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Piranha Fishing In the Jungles of Brasilian Amazon




Manaus acts as the main tourist hub and gateway to Brazilian Amazon. You will most probably first land to Sao Paulo. You should book your flight tickets inside Brasil early enough because inland flights are extremely expensive if you leave to last minute.

Manaus is not a city which is 100% safe. You should be careful when visiting the city. I normally never get a guide from a travel agency. I rather try to get into contact with local people, I trust my feelings and ask the local person to guide me during my travels, ofcourse I also pay him/her. However I do not recommend to do that in Brasil. For me, in this part of the world I do not get the feeling to whom I should trust. Thats why I found a travel agency. But I must say this way of traveling was so different than what I am used to. These commercial tourist guides, they are focused on the money they get. But this time I had to this way.




From Manaus, you can organize:

  • 3-4 days Amazon Survival Tour.

  • daily tour across the Amazon River.

For price you should bargain good.

In Manaus, Uber works but check the reviews of the drivers always, do not accept drivers with few reviews.

1. Amazon Survival Tour:

On this tour, you get to know some survival techniques, so that you get a sense of how you could survive in the jungle. How can I walk across unknown rainforest territory? How can I walk through the rainforest? Fishing Piranhas was in my bucket list, eating was not but I muss say they taste good when fried with some vegetables. Catching a baby cayman (kind of crocodile living in south America) after canoeing through Amazon in the middle of the night was an unforgettable experience.

More you can find in the youtube video:

2. Daily Tours Across the Amazon River:

Day tours give a chance to see river dolphins, visit an indigenous village to interact with the Tucanos ethnic groups (totally touristic), visit Januari Ecological Park and head to the Meeting of the Waters.

Here are some shots from the tour:

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