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Fishing is a predominant trade in Zanzibar. Below you see the big market place in Stone Town. Here you can find meat, fish, vegetables, spices all at one place. I was fascinated from the variety of all fishes available and learned there where they come from: the fishing village Kizimkazi.

Next morning, woke up around and made my way to Kizimkazi which is at the south of the island, about 1 hour drive from where I stayed, Paje.

A pair of fishermen selling their catch. İt was an auction sell, the auctioneer is in the middle shouting the prize, the other men are watching and bidding using signals, not sound:

As I walked around the sailing boats of the fishermen, they offered me some from their morning soap:

For me, that morning was the highlight of the whole trip. You must wake up early and visit that fishing village once.

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