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15 Days USA-West: San Francisco, L.A. and the tallest and largest trees in the world: Sequoias!!

Days 1-6:

Day 1: Arrival in San Fransisco + Jet Lag


Days 2,3: San Fransisco

Fisherman`s Wharf, Pier 39, Alcatraz:

Arriving early morning at the Fisherman`s Warf, you can see the sea lions. They are at Pier 39 since the earthquake in 1989. They rest on the floating wooden blocks all day.You can also check the Aquarium of the Bay and watch as sharks being fed. There is a nice view of legendary Alcatraz. However for a trip to the island and visiting the prison, you have to book online in advance. I skipped that.

Biking the Golden Gate:

Renting a bike and riding across the Golden Gate Bridge is a must do. Rent the bike from Fisherman`s Wharf. After crossing the bridge and making some photos from the hill watching the bridge, you can either come back same way or get a Ferry from Sausalito back to Fisherman`s Wharf.

Lombard Street:

Perhaps San Francisco`s most famous street, is it a must? I do not think so. It was nothing special for me.

California Academy of Sciences:

Totally enjoyed. A great nature museum, a lot to learn and see. Do it!

Day 4: Sequoia National Park Visit

Departed early morning from San Francisco. Its better to drive through Big Sur coast. The coast is known as being:

" most scenic stretch of undeveloped coastline in the United States ". See:

You can enjoy the empty beaches and fascinating stretches of the coast, inevitable to do multiple stops.

At the entry of the Sequoia National Park a bear was welcoming the guests:

There are plenty of day hikes available, in varying degrees of difficulty. By one of them you can meet the largest tree in the world. General Sherman is by volume, the largest known living single stem tree on Earth and located in Sequoia National Park. If you want to see the worlds tallest tree, then you should visit Redwood National Park.

The Land of giants: jumping around the giant forest, feeling like a Hobbit :D. One sequoia experiences 3 fires per century and about 3000 years old. Fire plays important role in the life of a sequoia. They are evolved to be more and more resistant to fire and used these natural disasters as an advantage to create more space for more light since the trees around burn away but they do not.

From Sequoia National Park to Los Angeles, it is about 3.5 hours of drive.

Day 5: L.A.

I am not so impressed about L.A. Spending one day at the Universal Studios was interesting though.

Day 6: L.A Whale Watching

Whale watching is Los Angeles is one of the best ways to experience natural beauty of the Pacific. Dana Point, located at the south of Los Angeles is one of the places you can do whale watching. During our trip a few big whale came near to our boat, the dolphins chased us. It was pretty amazing, again a must do:

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